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Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology

of the Proliferation Control


UMR 5088 CNRS – Université P. Sabatier TOULOUSE III


The LBCMCP supports

Director: Didier TROUCHE

Deputy Director: Sylvie TOURNIER



The department LBCMCP is located on the Université Paul Sabatier (TOULOUSE III) campus. It contributes to the new Research Federation "Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI)" which has been created in 2016. This new center associates the following departments:

CBD : Centre de Biologie du Développement (UMR 5547, Dir: F. PITUELLO)

CRCA : Centre de Recherche sur la Cognition Animale (UMR 5169, Dir: M. GIURFA)

LBME : Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire Eucaryote (UMR 5099, Dir: P.E. GLEIZES)

LMGM : Laboratoire de Microbiologie et de Génétique Moléculaire (UMR 5100, Dir: P. POLARD)


It also belongs to the "Fédération de Recherche en Biologie de Toulouse (FRBT)" (director J.P. GIRARD) together with the Institut de Pharmacologie et Biologie Structurale (UMR 5089, Dir: J.P. GIRARD - IPBS)


Activity and Publications


The LBCMCP is composed of seven teams working in the field of chromatin and cell dynamics, with a total of around 65 people.

Our scientific objectives are first to understand the mechanisms underlying correct genome expression and maintenance, and how they are related to the control of cell fate. Another axis is dedicated to characterizing the mechanisms controlling cell dynamics associated with cell division and morphogenesis. Projects of the teams thus all deal with understanding the basic mechanisms which are linked to cancer progression.




Research at the LBCMCP is characterized by the wide use of models, such as S. Pombe, Drosophila and mice. From a technological point of view, we are largely using videomicroscopy as well as generation and analysis of genome-wide data, two technologies for which we have a recognised expertise. LBCMCP teams thus perform multidisciplinary research with a large use of statistics, informatics and physics (optic and modelling). Our research lies within the strategic axes 3 (integrative biology, model organisms and multi-scale analysis) and 5 (mathematical modelling) of University Paul Sabatier.


Importantly, thanks to the creation of the "Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI)", we have joined this unique scientific project with 4 neighbouring units to constitute a powerful entity that will contain about 400 people in total. Many teams in the CBI have scientific interests close to ours, in particular, but not exclusively, at the CBD and the LBME, and the creation of the CBI will strengthen our contacts. In addition, the size of the CBI and the construction of a new building will allow us to increase the efficiency of existing common facilities and to set up new ones. Moreover, the CBI is dedicated to develop multidisciplinary approaches from the integrative and systems biology fields, which is clearly crucial for the competitiveness of our projects.


You will find more details about the activity of our teams in the Resarch Topics page of this site ...




Please, see the Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI) website.


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To support its new teams, the LBCMCP hosts researchers, teachers-researchers, research ingeneer or technicians. If you want to join our dynamic laboratory, contact directly a team leader or Didier Trouche, Director of the LBCMCP (didier.trouche@univ-tlse3.fr).


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Please, see the Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI) website.



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Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire du Contrôle de la Prolifération